Location & Hours

Hawks Nest Outfitters is located at 6141 State Highway 70 W, in Eagle River, WI. We’re about five miles west of Eagle River, and about six miles east of St. Germain. We are open everyday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 9am until 4pm. When we say we’re open until 4pm, we mean you can start your trip as late as 4! We will be here for shuttles and returning tubers as long as we need after that, but we just stop sending out trips at 4pm.

Things to bring

Here’s a list of common things to bring along to make your trip as safe and fun as possible:

  • Sunscreen!

  • Water shoes - the river bed can be rocky and unstable, as well as the potential to step on broken shells

  • Bug spray

  • Sunglasses and straps to keep them secure

  • Waterproof bag or box

  • Coolers for drinks (We have tubes for large coolers on our tubing trips, and our kayaks have small compartments that can carry small coolers. Canoes have plenty of room for coolers as well.)


The part of the Wisconsin River we operate on is very mild, with little to no rapids. That being said, here are some safety reminders for a worry-free trip on the river:

  • Do not stand up in your boat/tube while moving. Avoid weight shifts that may cause capsize

  • If capsized, stay on the upstream side of the boat. Lean into obstacles if you hit one

  • Balance your boat/tube evenly and keep weight low for stability

  • Do not carry more weight or persons than your boat is designed to safely accommodate

  • Diving can cause spinal injuries

  • No slapping the paddles or pushing off with paddles. No ramming of boats

  • Know where you are on the lakes, river or flowage and how to get help

  • Store ropes properly and do not tie people or pets to your boat

  • What you take in your boat/tube may get wet or lost

  • Carry beverages in non-breakable containers

  • Alcohol products (to minors) and illicit drugs are illegal. The D.N.R. does monitor the water and can give you a citation